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Originally posted by rhsc
Be sure to let this play finish, cause players and coaches dont get it and scream all sorts of wierd stuff that can make it a complicated play. Dont call time til your sure its over so the correct calls can be made.
I liked what you said here, 'cause I'm always jumping the gun it seems... (Too many years of basketball) However, the way that I read this, to me, it implies that everything will come to a screaching halt on an interference call with the ball becoming dead... Am I interpreting this incorrectly or did you intend your statement to imply something different?

Rule 5 Dead Ball and Suspension of Play
ART. 1 . . . Ball becomes dead immediately when:
e. there is interference by a runner or a retired runner (7-3-5; 8-1-2a; 8-2-5, 6; 8-4-1f; 8-6-10; 11, 12, 14, 18) or by any person (3-5-4, 5; 8-6-16, 17, 19).
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