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One of my responsibilities with my HS association is to manage an "incident report" process. I received the following report recently from a HS game and wanted to ask for opinions:

(team name deleted) had a player (in a team jersey
but recreational shorts) with a hard cast on her hand in the dug-out in a pair of thong sandles. She was keeping the book and was an injured player. I pointed this out to (partner) as a safety matter (bare feet) and a possible liability for us if she were to be injured. (partner) talked with the coach and the coach chose to keep the girl in the the dug-out. How far do we take something like this?

My opinion is that this falls in the "looking for boogers" category. Personally, I would not address this unless the player attempted to enter the game or came onto the field to coach at a base. The rulebook is not clear in addressing this particular situation. I think that you could infer going either way and justify it based on the book.

Let's hear what the rest of you have to say....
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