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Originally posted by J Morrow on 02-01-2000 04:54 AM
Watched a very competitive jv boys game last night, called very well by a 2nd year and a 4th year official. A foul was called on team A, 2 shots. Coach of team B calls all of his players to his bench, at end away from shooting, during the first free throw, in his mind he's saving a timeout

Did I miss something here, or did you mean that the coach of team A brought his players over, thus not filling the bottom spot on the lane? As you wrote the post, you said a foul was called on team A. Therefore, team B is shooting and team A must fill the bottom spots. Those are the only two spots that MUST be filled; all others may remain empty. So, if B was shooting and two players from A were in the bottom spots, the JV refs handled it just right. If A was actually shooting and B was supposed to be on the bottom spot, then Joe's interpretation and ruling is correct (I think--I couldn't find the actual procedure in the book that says issue a T if they continue to fail to fill the bottom spot, but I still think that is correct).

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