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Watched a very competitive jv boys game last night, called very well by a 2nd year and a 4th year official. A foul was called on team A, 2 shots. Coach of team B calls all of his players to his bench, at end away from shooting, during the first free throw, in his mind he's saving a timeout. After first free throw he sends his players back out to line up properly along the lane for the second shot. Officials administered both shots as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

After the game I went to the officials' room. I asked them about this situation and why they handled it the way they did. They were pretty much at a loss. I got out my rule book and turned to rule 8-3 which says that the first lane space SHALL be occupied by team B. Forgetting about preventive officiating for a minute, and the fact that the trail official should have ensured that those spaces were filled before letting lead administer the first shot, what is the penalty for not filling those spaces? Is it a lane violation and thus a replacement shot awarded if the shot is missed? Is it a delay of game? I can't find answer in rule book or case book, help.

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