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Sometimes I think we rationalize way too much and because of this the game has become rougher. Someone post here a few months back that he saw a film of a game from the 60s, or was it the 50s, and he was amazed at the difference in play. Many of the things we rationalize away like a short period of time hand check, forearm in the back, bump, hack and play through just did not happen in the game. If I remember correctly he said that the game was much cleaner.

We have rules because someone wants them. Coaches and ADs I believe are part of it of the decision making. I can’t see a bunch of officials sitting around making up rules to make our lives harder. Heck, just look at Chapter 1 and the uniform rules in chapter 3.

As for the flop – Since it was a POE this year I saw only one and it was not in a game I was doing but one in which I was timing and it was called. Now that said; since the HS season is over I have been giving more time to my old rec league. In one night I called one flop T in each of the 2 games I did. Why, because it is not basketball. What really ticked me off was the second kid got up with this look one his face like what the heck was I doing and then said, “But I see it in high school games all the time.” I just let that ride.

BTW, if anyone is interested here is a link to the minutes of the meeting that set the 2004-05 rules.
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