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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Originally posted by PA Official
In the original play, what if on the reverse pivot it was a shoulder to the chest of the defender, rather than a bump of the heads, with the same result? I think most would agree its a PC. Why should the head be any different?
If they banged arms and one kid fell down, would you call a foul? Legs?

How many times have you ever called a foul when two kids banged heads?

And more importantly, what's the signal for that?

I can't believe we're still having this discussion. A player using his shoulder or body to barrel over a player is a completely different play. We aren't talking about a player who's trying to headbutt a defender to get by him.

BTW, I'm still waiting for some to describe to me, a situation where two players would be in equally favorable postions and incidental contact occurs. Because that's exactly what we have here. So please, someone give me a play that this occurs in that's not similiar in nature and principle to this play.

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A1 goes to the basket jumps towards the goal, but slightly diagonally. B1 in front of the basket jumps straight up within their vertical plane from a spot with LGP.

No arms, shoulders, or heads, just a bump as A1 slides by to release the shot. No displacement or crashing bodies.

Sometimes you will have A1 take a spill on this type of play, but again it is still incidental contact.

You will see the same type of play on the floor when B1, with LGP, slides as A1 dribbles forward and stops to change directions. There will be a bump without displacement, no contact through the defender, no chicken wing by A1, just two players arriving at the same spot without illegal contact hindering either player. This is normally the play where A's coach will be screaming to get B off their player.

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