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Game, or coach, management is definitely not an exact science. Should you have T'd him for the name in the book comment? Depends. Depends on the game situation at that point - was it "the last straw" or just a continuing dialouge that you allowed up to that point? Yes, allowed even though you might have wished he would quit and gotten to coaching.

I agree with most of the comments that the coach was either testing you, pushing your limit, having a bad day, or simply a jerk, but you (and your partner) let him get on with his playing or otherwise he wouldn't have gone that far.

One aspect to consider is that the coach seemingly did not take you seriously that you were quickly approaching your "limit" - let him know. Apparently your communicating with him wasn't working, so either T him up or walk away as you did (very difficult to argue with silence). But either way, be firm and confident.

A direct T on a coach is a powerful call - one more and it's off to the locker room. But be careful that you don't use it to retaliate, out of anger, or as a threat. If he's earned it, let him have it; but you've got to determine if it's warrented or not.

Good luck and hang in there (I wouldn't have T'd him but would certainly let my partner know that I was at the limit - next comment by him and I'd expect my partner to either T him or make absolutely certain the coach knew "ENOUGH")
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