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Originally posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
Originally posted by ETSUOfficial
Help me to understand the rule on an intentional foul. Is any foul, away from the ball, where the defender is making no attempt to play or make a play on the ball an intentional foul?

The answer to your question is no. A1 is in control of the ball and is guarded by B1. B2 sees A2 moving toward A1 in attempt to receive a possible pass from A1. B2 attempts to set a screen against A2 but does not give proper time and distance when setting his screen agains A2 and causes illegal contact with A2. This foul is away from the ball, but is not an intentional foul.

MTD, Sr.
An an inbounds play. A1 is inbounding the ball. While A1 is still holding onto the ball, B2 fouls A2 as A2 is trying to get position to recieve the inbounds pass. Ruling?
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