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Strict OBR.

Batter hits a double. The offense calls time and wants to substitute a pinch-runner. The pinch-runner is a player who is already in the line-up, however. This is an illegal substitution. Unfortunately, this escapes the umpire's (and defense's) notice. The next batter singles driving in the run. THEN the defense notices the illegal substitution. They want the umpire to retract the run and to call the runner out.

What is the proper ruling?

NOTE: Yes, yes - I know! You're all great umpires and this could never happen to you. This is impossible because of the meticulous manner in which you maintain your lineup card. You would catch it immediately and the situation would never develop. Humor me ... assume it did happen despite you the meticulous manner in which you keep your lineup card. You screwed up and now you have to deal with it.

BY THE WAY: Would the FED ruling be any different?

David Emerling
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