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Originally posted by mick
Originally posted by missinglink
I have an assignment for our study club. Several situations, two that follow I am not really sure of:

A. A2 dribbles into the frontcourt and comes to a stop. Unable to find an open teammate, A2 throws the ball off the nearest official, who is (a) out of bounds or (b) inbounds. A2 recovers the ball inbounds before any other player touches it and resumes his dribble. Are those actions legal?
My answer, no in both cases:
(a) OOB off A2, throw-in to Team B. 7-2.
(b) Violation, illegal dribble. 9-5.
Are these rulings correct? Does A2's intent constitute unsporting acts?

I agree with (a) and (b). If A2's adjudged intent is to injure the official, intent may come into play. If A2's adjudged intent is to get another dribble, then it's just st pid.

B. A4 and B5 are in the center circle for the opening tap. After the referee tosses the ball and after the ball has reached its highest point, A4 jumps and tips the ball and then tips the ball again with two hands simultaneously. What is the correct call in this situation?
My answer: Legal, but only because I couldn't find it spelled out as not legal. If I saw this move I would have to question "control" by the two hand tap which could be close to illegal catching. (6-3-7c)

Player only touched the ball twice, although the second touch was with both hands, but simultaneously implies only one touch --> no violation 6.3.7(a).
There is no player control without the player holding or dribbling the live ball in-bounds

Thanks Mick and BBref
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