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Originally posted by TimTaylor
I think the POE was for warmups - don't let either team encroach.

Nope, the POE under "PRE-GAME SITUATIONS" from the 2003-04 rule book specifically refers to player introductions also. The quote was "Teams are also competing for the center circle when entering the court or following player introductions".

Suggested in the POE was that the state or individual leagues implement policies and guidelines to cut this crap out, and that coaches should promote sportsmanship( and also sportswomanship). The problem is that coaches still want to play these little games, as evidenced here, and we end up getting caught right in the middle of them. Crap like this shouldn't come up in high school sports(of course I also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, so take that last statement with a grain of salt). Maybe the best way to handle it is to just follow the last recommendation of the POE and issue a "T" to each team and an accompanying indirect "T" to each coach. Seat-belt them right away. Maybe they'll think about that before they play their little mind games the next time. Jmo.
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