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I think the POE was for warmups - don't let either team encroach.

Sounds like a deliberate head game to me. In 20/20 hindsight, the announcer should have asked the visitors to clear center court before starting the home introductions. IMOH the whole thing borders on deliberate taunting by the visiting team. The home AD should probably take it up with OSAA.

The pinching incident you described is clearly an unsportsmanlike act - IMOH the player should have been wacked & the game started with the home team shooting free throws getting the ball.

Their opponent wouldn't be the Rams, by chance would it? If so, there is definitely bad blood between them. I had their girls freshman/JV double header at the end of the season last year. The freshmen were fine, but we knew there was potential for problems in the JV game and started right out calling it so tight it squeaked. It didn't take long for them to figure out we weren't going to put up with any crap at all & they quickly settled down & played a prety good game.
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