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Originally posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
Originally posted by rainmaker
Originally posted by tjksail
Can someone please explain the difference between a player control foul and a team control foul? What are the penalties for each?
Player control foul is committed by the player in control of the ball (dribbling, or holding). Team control foul is committed by any player on the team that has control of the ball. In NFHS (high school) rules, player control foul brings no shots ever, but does add one to the player's foul count and to the team foul count. NFHS treats a team control foul away from the ball the same as any other foul -- shots if in bonus, etc., and it's not called a "team control foul". It's called an "offensive foul". In college, it's different, but I"m not the expert on that one, someone else can do it.

There there is no such animal as an offensive foul in either NFHS or NCAA (or FIBA for that matter). NBA/WNBA has offensive fouls and it is the same as a team control foul in NCAA and FIBA. I know that under NBA/WNBA rules that no free throws are shot if the offensive foul is committed by the player in control of the ball. I am not sure what the penalty is if the foul is by a player not in control of the ball. Maybe Chuck can give us more information about offensive fouls in the NBA/WNBA.

MTD, Sr.
Mark, I know there's not an officially named category of fouls called "Offensive", but around here at least, we use the word "offensive" as a descriptor of the situation. It's just a word that means, "committed by the team who has control of the ball".
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