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Originally posted by blindzebra
Originally posted by MJT
Originally posted by blindzebra
Originally posted by Dave Dow
Player A1 is shooting a three pointer is up in the air following through with the shot when B1 starts to box out for any rebound that there is. A1 cannot follow through because of B1 boxing out. Allow contact like this, or is it a foul after shot??? Help Dave
If the contact happened BEFORE A1 lands, it is a shooting foul, if the contact is AFTER A1 returns to the floor, it is a common foul.

Any "box out" that displaces the opponent is a foul.
I think you have to look at the displacement. Many times when there is some good contact, the offensive player will back out of the contact. Just make sure it is the contact which displaces him a decent amount, and the way the game is going depends on how much displacement will cause a foul.
That is how your game goes down the tubes. Displacement falls under rough play, and if you allow a little push, the next trip the other guy gets one, and the next time it's a little harder, and...

If they displace the opponent it's a foul.
You cannot call every little push! If you do, you will call 50 fouls per game. You must look at advantage/disadvantage. Just cuz there is a little contact, does not always mean a foul. The players need to be able to "play through" some things. We have some "incredible" teams and players in the NW corner of Iowa who play the game the way it should be, and if you go with "advantage/disadvantage" you will not have any problems.
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