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Originally posted by kslcol
I have a rules question that I need clarification on:

A1 has the ball for his second free throw attempt when B1, in a marked lane space, steps into the lane. The official inadvertantly sounds the whistle and stops play. Team B requests and is granted a timeout. Following the timeout, A1 misses the free throw. The official sounds the whistle and awards A1 a substitute free throw. Is the official correct?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Yes, the official is correct. The official's inadvertant whistle does not cancel B1's free throw violation and neither does Team B's request and subsequent granting of a timeout cancel the violation. When play is resumed the official and A1 has received the ball for his second free throw attempt, the official should give the delayed dead ball signal signifying that Team B has committed a free throw violation and that if A1's attempt is not successful the ball will become dead.

There is a Casebook Play that addresses this situation, whether it is in this year's Casebook I do not know. I have thumbed through it quickly and did not find it but somewhere in the past 34 years I have seen this ruling for the exact same play.

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