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Originally posted by flsh224
Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by flsh224
I think you might have been a little over zealous. I don't think anyone gained an advantage.
Actually team A will gain an advantage if they get away with it. Team B loses 2 FT opportunities and a possession, don't they, if you ignore it? Certainly seems like an advantage to me.
Point taken. I just think it is a little much for 8th grade girls.
You would probably be right in the majority of cases too, imo. The problem with officiating this damn game though is that it gets harder every year instead of easier. This one is a good case-in-point, I think. It's always nice to say that they're kids, let the players decide the game, etc., etc., but the problem with making a one-size-fits-all judgement is that it sometimes doesn't fit all of the cases you might run into. A lot can depend on the particular situation. In this one, say you've got a very close game right at the end when this happens. A2, the 5th player, runs back on the floor, takes a pass uncovered, and now hits a bucket. Do you really want to ignore this particular case too- just like the other, almost similar ones that may have occurred in a blowout?

Like I said, I knew more 40 years ago than I know now.
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