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Had this happen in 8th grade girls game. Team A substitutes A6 for A1. A1 walks off the court. We have 5 in the game. As my partner is administrating the throw-in, A2 thinks that she was the one substituted for and she walks off the court right in front of her bench. The ball is now in play and coach of A sees only 4 players and yells for A2 to get back in the game. She runs right back onto the court. I called a T on her. As I'm reading 4.34.3 it says that an illegal sub becomes a player when the ball becomes live. So, was A2 an illegal sub that when the ball was live became legal? I'm more thinking that since she actually walked off the court when the ball was inbounded, the T was for unauthorized leaving of the court. I told the coach the T was for illegal substituting, but when he said she was already in the game I said then the T was for walking off the floor. Did I get this remotely correct?
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