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Originally posted by EMD
Bob, how can the runner illegally screw the F1???? Now the BR can, stepping out etc......, but R1??? Tell us, please...............
4.06(a)(3) (and the equivalent FED and NCAA rules) applies to runners, doesn't it? [/B][/QUOTE]

If this rule applies to the runner, would it apply to the base coach? What would you do in the following situation:

Left handed pitcher, runner on third. R3 runs & stops, clap his hand and hollers HEY PITCH!, base coach hopping & swinging arms; everything is timed to happen at same time. Pitcher in the Windup Position, pauses or stops his motion after he is set then delivers the ball home. Did R3 & base coach create the balk, YES. However, by calling this a balk does the umpire give an advantage to the offensive team that would allow them to create situations where the pitcher loses control of his mechanic and create a unintentional error? I would think the offensive is bending the rule to gain an advantage and you would not call this a balk. What do you think? [/B][/QUOTE]

You know, at the risk of being called names again, EMD, I would like to renew my suggestion that you go out and GET A RULE BOOK! Also, my comment that this board does not teach rules from the ground up: we tend to presume a basic familiarity.

ORB 4.06 starts out: "No manager, player, substitute, coach, trainer, or bat boy shall at any time, whether from the bench, the coach's box or on the playing field, or elsewhere --"; and goes on to enumerate several illegal acts, including, in (a)(3) any word or act done for the obvious purpose of inducing a balk. The prescribed penalty is nullifying any balk, and ejecting the offender.

Thus, nothing about the application of this rule could possibly give the OFFENSE any advantage. Everybody [except you] posting on this thread knows this, and so it is not set out explicitly, since it is understood.

So, what I think, is that you need to go get yourself a rule book, and stop making a fool of yourself by asking "questions" which reveal that you have never read the rules in your life.
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