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Bob, how can the runner illegally screw the F1???? Now the BR can, stepping out etc......, but R1??? Tell us, please............... [/B][/QUOTE]

4.06(a)(3) (and the equivalent FED and NCAA rules) applies to runners, doesn't it? [/B][/QUOTE]

If this rule applies to the runner, would it apply to the base coach? What would you do in the following situation:

Left handed pitcher, runner on third. R3 runs & stops, clap his hand and hollers HEY PITCH!, base coach hopping & swinging arms; everything is timed to happen at same time. Pitcher in the Windup Position, pauses or stops his motion after he is set then delivers the ball home. Did R3 & base coach create the balk, YES. However, by calling this a balk does the umpire give an advantage to the offensive team that would allow them to create situations where the pitcher loses control of his mechanic and create a unintentional error? I would think the offensive is bending the rule to gain an advantage and you would not call this a balk. What do you think?
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