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Originally posted by EMD
Can a runner cause a pitcher to balk? Can a coach create a balk? At what point does poor mechanic by the pitcher (stop in motion) delivering the ball to the batter become a balk versus a deliberate attempt by the pitcher to deceive the runner? How is the rules applied in HS, OBR and NCAA.

Thank you
Huh? Sorry, but to get more than the most basic response, you are going to need to be a LOT more specific about what you are asking.

I am having the sinking feeling that you do not have and have not looked in even one of the various rule books you reference. If so, what is the purpose of your query? You can find [and start] all sorts of heated debate over balks/ not a balk in certain situations under the various codes. But it is not really the function of this board to "teach" the rules and interpretations to complete novices who don't even have a rule book to go to for the most basic issue.

That said, on one level, almost anything can "cause" a pitcher to balk. It is illegal for anyone to intentionally set about "causing" a balk. There is nothing wrong with a "deliberate attempt to deceive the runner", so long as the various mechanical requirements and prohibitions contained in the rule book are observed. Violations of those mechanical requirements and prohibitions, including ANY complete "stop in motion" after the pitcher is comitted is a balk with runners on base. Lots of what untutored observers see as/ think are complete "stops", aren't. Lots of what untutored observers see as/ think are balks, aren't.

The forgoing paragraph contains statements which I suspect that you will read as contradictory. GO READ A RULE BOOK! [Any one of the three you mentioned will do, for a start] Then come back with a specific question about a specific issue/ act/ motion, and you will be able to get some actually helpful advice and info.
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