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Originally posted by oppool
Did a tournament this weekend using ASA rules modified
co-ed where a could play 7 men and 3 women with the ruling the women must bat in the top half of the line-up using the normal m/f rotation. Problem occured when team A turn in a line up where in the 5th and 6th spots they had persons of the male gender batting. Team B waited till after the 6th batter batted then appealed the improper line-up wanting a BOO ruling invoked. Did not believed that we could invoked a BOO because team A did follow the line-up they actually turn in though it was improper.

Question: Should we have invoked the BOO as team B appealed
or is this just considered improper line-up and should be changed before the next time through the line-up without penalty?



Many Coed leagues have rules that cover back to back sexes in the lineup.
Any time same sexes bat back to back, an out would be taken between the two, and they both still get to bat.
Most our our leagues and tournaments use this rule.
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