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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by Camron Rust

If your partner got it wrong and everyone (except perhaps him) knows it, there's no reason to cover it up when asked. Your partner put you in that position by not knowing the rules. It's not like judgement where we should back up our partner.

I'd answer the coach, "Yes, you're right. I can't change his call, well discuss it at half-time".

Oh,my. That's called "hanging your partner out to dry" imo. I would never, ever say that to a coach. As soon as you say that, your partner just lost all of his credibility for the rest of that game, and maybe even longer in that coach's eyes. I might, under some circumstances, admit to a coach that I might have missed a call, but I'm never going to tell a coach that one of my partners blew one. I'll leave that up to my partner.
I agree, you can't undermind your partner like that, its okay to admit to your own mistakes but to do that to your partner isn't right.
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