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I have been told that my plate and field work is good, and I should move to college. HOWEVER, I do not have the experiance with all situations of baseballs. I think they are talking about what & how to deal with this situation or that. Fair enough, I am not arguing with them & completely agree. Heck, I've been umpiring HS ball for 3 years & now do local college recreation legues - so I understand there point. I have not seen it all, nor do I have a story of odd baseball plays to tell. Odd things seem not to happen to me while I am on the field, or if they do, I do not think much of them and do not remember. I hate when some other umpire starts telling stories like an old man talking about the fish that got away. (Hell, I guess that another thread by itself).

My question is simple, how do you get this type of experiance in umpiring, the only time a coach get on my *** is when he is right, & I did make a mistake. Or my partner tanked a call! Soooooooo, what to do to move up & how do you move up?

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