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Ok guys I need some thoughts here.

This happened about 5 years ago. And I have wondered whether I did the right thing.

Bambino National Regional. I'm at third.

Bases loaded, 1 out.
Batter goes yard.
R3 scores, R2 scores, R1 scores. Fans start yelling at R1 that he missed third. R1 retags home and starts back towards 3rd. BR is rounding 3rd.
I see what is about to happen and it does.
BR passes R1. I call BR out for passing preceding runner.

2nd out!

Coach goes nuts and starts yelling at me that R1 did not missed 3rd. I calmly said "Your right" but your Batter passed R1. He said no he didn't. I said yes he did. He said he tagged home plate. I said he retag home plate and started back on the 3rd base line to retag 3rd base. Thus he became an active runner again and your Batter was in Jeopardy of being out if he passed a preceding runner.
He then understood.

The coach told R1 to go to the dugout after hearing that I said he did not miss 3rd base. R1 did not go back to 3rd nor did he go back and tag home.
He went directly to the dugout.

I saw this but did not act. I figured that this was an appeal play for the Defensive coach.

But as the years have gone by. I am wondering if the Abandoment rule should have been applied by me. And the R1 be called out as soon as he stepped into the dugout.

I almost called it. But the coach was mad and his parents were mad at each other. I thought that I was going to have to throw out some of his parents because they were getting ready to come on the field after him.

Since the team was down 8 runs and it was the bottom of the 5th. I didn't want to throw more gas on the fire.
But if the Defensive coach had appealed. I would have surely called the R1 out.
Grand Slam, two runs , two outs.!

Unbelievable, but s happens!
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