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Originally posted by LDUB
Originally posted by DG
Originally posted by LDUB
How many hits can you get in an inning without scoring a run?

It is six. 3 singles to load bases. Then a runner is hit with a batted ball by each of the next three batters.
Sounds like 3 hits in this inning to me, 10.06(e).
A base hit shall not be scored in the following cases (e) When a runner is called out for interference with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball, unless in the scorer's judgment the batter runner would have been safe had the interference not occurred.

A base hit shall be scored in the following cases (e) When a fair ball which has not been touched by a fielder touches a runner or an umpire. EXCEPTION: Do not score a hit when a runner is called out for having been touched by an Infield Fly
What's your point? Are you for 10.05(e) or 10.06(e)? They do seem to say something different. Logically, I can't see giving a hit to a batter who would have been put out, or at least a fielder's choice would have been scored, if the runner in front had been put out, except for the runner in front's interference. Makes no sense.

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