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Originally posted by keystoneref
Mike, I recieved my 2004 rule books a few days ago and this is the wording of 2-16-g. Post scrimmage kick- a foul by R that occurs on R's side of the expanded neutral zone prior to the end of a scrimmage kick (other than a try or successful field goal), that crosses the neutral zone, and K does not have possession of the ball when the down ends. My slight disagreement with your previous post is this, the kick does not have to end on R's side of the neutral zone for psk to apply (it only has to cross the neutral zone). I'm sure this subject will receive a lot of interest before the season starts, and we will hear many other viewpoints.

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REPLY: Indeed, the Federation did remove the requirement that the kick must end on R's side of the ENZ for this upcoming season. I was speaking to one of the state interpreters who was out in Indy for this year's rules discussion. It seems when they asked themselves why they ever put that requirment in the original 2003 version of PSK, no one could remember or come up with a good reason to leave it there. So they removed it! I'm hoping we don't waste a lot of time on this change discussing whether or not it's really changed (check out the 2004 Case Book bottom of page 3 and top of page 4). However, there are now some play situations where this change will figure into the discussion.
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