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Bravo Bravo

Very well written and very good points. Again for newer officials, and to remind us not so newer ones, the only whistle that makes the ball dead, is the Inadvertant Whistle. Like Bob says let the play kill itself. I might add one other situation that might be a breeding ground for IW. It was brought up in our discussion last weekend. The kick occurs, and a penalty say holding or something occurs soon thereafter. There was some discussion that the calling official might (wrongly I might add), blow his whistle as he throws his flag. Newer officials, if you spit your whistle out on the snap you have to work pretty hard to have an inadvertant whistle. This is one of those do as I say things...I personally don't spit it out, I hate having it bounce around while I move around, and I am a BBall official and feel comfortable with it in...
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