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Smile Good one for discussion.

Well, I know that if you have a live-ball foul during a down in progress, followed by the inadvertent whistle, then you have the option of ignoring the IW if the penalty is accepted.

According to 2003 NFHS rule 4-2-3-a., if an IW happens during a legal kick, the down is replayed.

In the case of a PSK foul by R, followed by an IW while the kick is still in progress, what you are saying is that the NFHS told your association that the down must be replayed.

I see the rationale. R is not in possession at the end of the down because the kick was still a kick and therefore K is in team possession. One of the 4 requirements for using PSK is that R must be in possession at the end of the down.

Therefore, it sounds like the NFHS has it right (but I would not like to be the poor official who blows the IW when this happens).

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