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Originally posted by Hawks Coach
A1 was at the line, but did not have the ball - sorry if that wasn't clear. I was just going on what I observed (A1 was obviously going to be the shooter off the original foul) to figure out the order in which the FTs were administered.

Juulie - this is the first time I have seen all the NCAA women's rules applied, and the host team sent out a rule sheet explaining the major differences. They specified team control foul and technical foul rules, along with the shot clock, no 10 sec b/c, the 5 sec closely guarded, and the obvious FT lane rules. First time I have seen it all laid out on paper in that level of detail for an AAU tourney.
Sorry for the double posting against your comments -- should have read the entire thread before answering.

The rules we had at Westfield did not mention a shot clock (and we did not have one), but did talk about the 5 sec closely guarded count. We used a regular 10 sec backcourt count and 5 sec closely guarded in the backcourt if they were holding the ball. Wonder if there were different rules at different locations?
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