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Originally posted by Hawks Coach
Saw a T in AAU Regional qualifier.

We played NCAA women's rules,

Coach - I’m assuming that you were at one of the gyms in Northern Virginia over the weekend? May I ask which?

I did a set on Saturday morning and to be frank you get what you pay for, which in this case was $27 a game. What you got were a good group of experienced to very experienced NF certified refs calling the games. Some did have a NCAA background but most, like myself, did not. When the assignments were finalized during the week we were told that they would be under NCAA Woman’s rules and that a sheet would be provided to us to study when we got to the gym. It turned out to be a very minimal instruction sheet so I would be surprised that that is the only thing missed. Not that you have any control over this but I feel that the AAU/NCAA setup does an injustice to the girls. Since they are going back to HS ball in the fall the games should be under NF rules. But who am I...

All in all the quality of play and coaching was very good. Fans in general were knowledgeable, except for the repeated help they tried to give with the 3-second calls.
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