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First half of a middle school boys game. Team A scores basket, B1 inbounds to B2 who immediately turns and scores on Team A's basket. I was the new lead and nearly at midcourt after the basket is made by B2. The table looks to me and I indicate the basket is good. Meanwhile, my partner is holding the ball out of bounds and hands it to A1 (wrong team) who immediately in-bounds the ball and A2 scores.

CB 5.2.3 verifies the first basket by B1 counts, but the case also states the ball is "bounced" back to a player of Team B. Does "bounced" mean we should have had a blown whistle and stopped play? We did not.

Since my partner "handed" the ball to Team A whom then preceded to immediately score, does this basket count? I was the referee and counted the basket thinking the situation was similar to giving the ball to the wrong team after an AP, and once the ball becomes live, you live with the mistake.

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