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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by mick
Originally posted by Ed Maeder
I think there may be a mis-understanding here. If the home and or visiting team wanted a score keeper at the table at the begining of the game there would have been no problem, but this was in the middle of the 1st quarter after a scorers mistake and was the number 2 coach from the bench not a scorer and he was not there to help but to confuse things. There was already 3 people at the table scorer,timer, and one off duty scorer to assist them. The table is only big enough for 3 and he was number 4.

Doesn't matter to me. If the guy is no longer the assistant coach that night, he can sit there if that is what they choose. No penalty.

I don't agree with that at all. It's up to the home team to supply the official scorer. They did that in this sitch. Now the home team wants someone else to keep an eye on the scorer that they supplied? The official scorer is the R's concern after the game starts, and nobody elses'. And now the home team wants to do this by using an assistant coach who'd already started the game on the bench? That's a direct contravention of R10-5-2? Has anybody got a rule cite that would nullify R10-5-2 in this sitch? I sure can't think of one.
If it's gonna make the game better with no more screw ups, it is well worth the additional person and the loss of an assistant coach.
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