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I dont have my books so I cannot quote chapter and verse--
The assistant coach has no business at the scorers table. If you asked the head coach and explained the consequences. They deserve the T. I'd toss one there. I have chased away assistants because they thought the scorer was messing up. ITs bd enough when they mess up, they dont need a coach harassing them. If the coach wants to have a book at the table he can do that... that's it! If you have problems with the official book you need to go with it, ( I have used the non-official to verify or find out where the issue might be) ... The scoreboard operator usually keeps the point independently so you can use this... I'd be hesitant to use radio books and definitely not in the book. By rule official book only... as I said use the othe one to fgure out where the problem ocuured or where it might be off... I have designated visiting book as official before...

Unfortunately...this is one where you learn how important game mgt and knowing what's going on up on the scoreboard is important. everytime down the floor, we should have an idea of score and time... if a basket is made the scoreboard should reflect it...
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