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I was saying that there is no rule book support for my way of handling things, not that there is no rule book support for making the call. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

I am merely expressing as a coach, and one who can only lose out from my way of doing things since I don't run these plays, I don't like the T on the first time they run this play. I have seen these plays since I started coaching, never seen a warning or T. I have asked refs to stop teams from running this illegal play, and they treat me like I am from another planet. If most officials do not understand this rule and won't call it, then how can a coach know that this is a rule and expect a call.

I believe the T is put in the rulebook due to the unsporting nature of this play (unfair use of an OOB position). But it is really only unsporting if you know you are breaking a rule, and few participants, including officials, seem to know that. So that's why I suggest a warning, then a T.
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