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Originally posted by justacoach
I am not sure why in 9.1.1, muffing the pass is treated the same as catches and then drops.
Per the casebook example, in either case the official is instructed to "sound the whistle to prevent any violations and then start the free throw procedure again."

I am not sure what violation you can have prior to the ball being at the disposal of the shooter(4-7-b)
Clearly catching and subsequently fumbling has met the requirement for being "at the disposal of the shooter"

On the other hand, muffing the pass never meets the criteria for at the disposal so what violation(s) are we trying to prevent?

Appreciate your insights
If the shooter steps into the lane and then gains possession of the "muffed" ball, the ball is now "at his disposal", and he's just committed a line violation. The purpose and intent of this rule is to not penalize accidental fumbles, muffs,etc. that really don't have a bearing on the game. It also covers the cases where the administering official throws a bad pass to the FT shooter, or bounces the ball before the FT shooter is ready for it.
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