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Originally posted by Cornellref
A1 in the backcourt passes to A2 who has a) both feet in the frontcourt b) both feet out of bounds in the frontcourt (completing a throwin) - and jumps in midair THEN catches the pass and lands in the backcourt. Violation(s)? If in (b) there is a violation following a jump ball throw in, does the arrow change or stay the same? Thanks for any help - Cornellref
Tough to understand your b sitches.

Location of an airborne player is where they last touched the floor.
In a), A2 caught the ball in the front court and landed in back court. Violation --> Over-and-back
In b), A2 caught the ball out of bounds (not FC or BC, but OOB) and landed in the back court. Violation --> Out of bounds.

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