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Team A shoots the ball and the miss is rebounded by team B. After the rebound, player B1 is knocked down by B2 causing B1 to lose the ball out of bounds. Team A will be getting the ball back. This action happens on baseline away from the table and I'm the trail away from the table. I signal for a reset of the shot clock. Nothing. I signal again. Nothing. I say "reset th shot clock." I hear from the table "but there wasn't a change of possession."

Things like this happens way too often with the table. Yes, they are part of our team but their job is to record and display statistics for the game and various duties relating to notification of subs and the bonus. When something like this or a foul occurs they need to understand that they are to accept our inputs period. There are many tables that can't keep track of the AP let alone worry about what we call on the court. I will say that I have worked with tables in Las Vegas in the past and I was shocked when they made a mistake. Fortunately for the people in Las Vegas half of that dynamic duo is an official now. There are some very good tables but there are some that need to take their duties more seriously.
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