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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Rejump with the original players.

Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Bob,if you did that,you would be directly going aginst the direction of casebook play 6.3.1SitC(c). That cite is labelled "Jump Ball To Start The Game",and says that if A1 and B1 jump,and then A2 and B2 simultaneously control the ball,then A2 and B2 will then jump.Isn't it obvious that R6-3-3 isn't being applied? If it was,then A1 & B1 would re-jump.If the ball went OOB with no possession either,and A2 & B2 were the last two to touch it simultaneously inbounds after the jump,then A2 and B2 would jump also.Again R6-3-3 doesn't apply according to casebook play 6.3.1SitC(b).

[Edited by Jurassic Referee on Oct 9th, 2003 at 08:31 AM]

Either I'm misreading something, or you are.

I agree that if A1 and B1 jump initially, and A2 and B2 tie it up, that A2 and B2 will jump.

That's what I think the NOTE to 6-3-3 says ("jump between the two players involved").

Maybe the "in the center circle" in confusing -- that's where the rejump occurs (even if the held ball is on one of the FT lines), not a modification to who jumps (not "those who were involved in the original center-circle jump").

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