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Our association hands out the Softball 2023 Preseason Guide. It looks to be an NFHS Referee publication.

On the cover this year is a picture of 2 young ladies who are both wearing eye black or some type of face paint.

Is this a state interpretation prohibiting eye black? I don't think there's anything in the rule book about it.

This publication also has a few pictures each year that simply don't pay attention to detail. This year's bloopers include a picture of 2 umpires wearing different jackets (pg. 10). I understand that sometimes officials don't always have the identical jackets, but for a picture in a national publication, find a pair that do match.

Another is regarding obstruction at first base. The picture on page 14 shows what might be a college game. NFHS permits (not required) a safety base and it is up to states to decide if they wish to use it. But again, for a HS publication, why couldn't they use the saftey base in their photo?
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