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Pick Up A Stick ...

Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
You can tell places where there is a proclivity for girls to eschew picking up a basketball until their freshman year in high school. Why that's a phenomenon in some places and not in others, I'm not sure. When it comes to sports participation, it seems like there are geographic feminine sub-cultures in this country.
Same thing here in Connecticut for field hockey. Few, if any, town programs or interscholastic middle school programs.

Outside of Connecticut's southwest "Gold Coast", it used to be the same for lacrosse, for both boys and girls. But more and more towns throughout Connecticut now have town sponsored lacrosse programs.

Similar to the way soccer, both boys and girls, suddenly became "hot" in Connecticut about forty-five years ago. Before that it was considered a "fringe" sport.

I predict that the next "hot" sport in Connecticut will be rugby, both for boys and girls. Some high schools now have interscholastic "club" teams, with a few student athletes receiving partial college scholarships.
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