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Originally Posted by bbman View Post
Sub not in the book.
Upon entering during a dead ball, table signals ref about the player not being in the book. Coach has 2 options. Withdraw the sub back to the bench or allow in with T. What, if any, would be the call if this same player is allowed in, plays for a few minutes, then it's discovered that he is not in the book?
Rule 4-34-3 states that he's now legal.
Rule 10-1-2b states penalize with T.

Thanks in advance
I had a similar but not exactly the same situation happen. Coming out of a time-out, Team A attempted to substitute a player who maxed out the allowable amount of quarters player per a state rule. The scorer notified me just as the 15 second warning went off. The coach over heard it and asked me his options to avoid the T. I let him call another timeout and sub the player who maxed out their playing time.

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