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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy ...

F) Team A has six players on the court. Officials are unaware of this infraction. Team A has been awarded two free throws. The first free throw is missed. No substitutions are made. After bouncing the ball to the free thrower, and with the ball at the free thrower's disposal for his second free throw, the officials realize that Team A has six players on the court. The ball is live, and the clock is stopped. What’s the call?

I'll go first because I can go cherry picking. This one is easy.

1) Six players, one in excess.
2) Observed by on-court official.
3) Six players are on the court.
4) The ball is live.

Team technical foul. Clear the lane. Give Team A shooter his second free throw. Two free throws by any Team B player(s). Team B ball at the division line.

All of my other questions (A-E, F-J) involve dead balls, two involve dead balls and running clocks.

No penalty?

Just "fix" it?

Just doesn't seem right, especially the two clock running situations?
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