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Advantage Not Intended By Rule ...

Originally Posted by CJP View Post
Coming out of a time-out, team A breaks team Bs full court press. Team A scores and gets the foul. Opportunity for a three point play. Ball is dead. It is discovered at this point that team A had/has 6 players on the floor. How should this be handled?
Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
... you cannot take off the points. This is not a correctable error situation at all.
2-10-1: Correctable Errors: Officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently set aside and results in:
a. Failure to award a merited free throw.
b. Awarding an unmerited free throw.
c. Permitting a wrong player to attempt a free throw.
d. Attempting a free throw at the wrong basket.
e. Erroneously counting or canceling a score.

Agree with JRutledge, but with some reservation.

Can we use NFHS 2-3: Referee’s Authority?

NFHS 2-3: Referee’s Authority: The referee must make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the rules.

Not really because this situation is "somewhat" covered in the rules (six on court is a technical foul; not listed as a correctable error, in fact, not only is it not listed as correctable, is it an actual error by the official inadvertently setting aside a rule).

But is the situation (extra player illegal advantage) "specifically" covered?

This sticks in my craw: Purpose and intent: A team should not be permitted an advantage which is not intended by a rule.
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