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Originally Posted by bbman View Post
Sub not in the book.
Upon entering during a dead ball, table signals ref about the player not being in the book. Coach has 2 options. Withdraw the sub back to the bench or allow in with T. What, if any, would be the call if this same player is allowed in, plays for a few minutes, then it's discovered that he is not in the book?
Rule 4-34-3 states that he's now legal.
Rule 10-1-2b states penalize with T.

Thanks in advance
The case book citation covers your question, but I have one for you in the original scenario...

Did the beckoning official give the coach the option to withdraw the player? My recollection is that once the unlisted player reports and the official beckons the player onto the court, the deed has been done and results in a technical foul (as JRutledge pointed out). Curious where the coach is getting his option?
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