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Originally Posted by Cecil4 View Post
Some things discussed sometimes:
1) When a pitcher is replaced by another, We should not have the "ceremony" of telling her about runners, outs, etc. instead of the coach.
Do you agree? Is it in writing somewhere?

2) We should not instruct players at all, like why a pitch was illegal, why the fielder obstructed, why a runner interfered, etc. That is the coach's job, even if we have to explain it to the coach. Do you agree? Is it in writing somewhere?

3) Are we exposed to people thinking favoritism if we react to a good play?
1) First of all, I donít think itís in writing. I only do USA & NFHS so canít speak to other sanctions. But Iíve never come across it in any readings or case plays. Iíve attended a few NUS and to my recollection, it has never been discussed in that forum, either.

I agree 100% that this should not be done. I believe there was discussion in this forum at one point on this subject, but I couldnít quickly locate it.

But like any other issue, there are folks who will swear itís an umpireís responsibility. Some believe it is a ďmust requirementĒ but canít provide backup to support their claim.

Iíll also agree with those posters who opine that those that do this are just seeking attention. Maybe they do it in timed games to use up minutes?

One of our locals who has since moved away was the poster child for this activity. After the pitcher completed her warmups, heíd take a slooooowww walk towards the pitcher, announce and posture the number of outs, point dramatically to each and every base runner, and provide the count on the batter (even if it was a new batter). Then take another slooooowww walk back to his position behind the plate. Definitely the most OOO behavior to observe.

2) I agree this is the coachís job. I will not offer ďinstructionĒ to players during the course of a game. The only exception is if a player asks me a direct question about a play that just happened. I will provide a brief reply and if questioning persists, will take it up with a coach with the player who asked listening in.

Again, not in writing anywhere. A corollary might include the PU who calls balls and then vocalizes and signals where the ball was. I see MLB umpires who do this. I simply call it a ball. If the catcher questions where the pitch was, Iíll tell her, but Iím not doing that for more than a couple of pitches.

3) Well, applauding and clapping would definitely be viewed as unprofessional. As some have mentioned, a quiet acknowledgement to a nearby player who has made a great play is something Iíve done. While on the bases, Iíve commented to base coaches on plays by the defense or clutch hits by the offense.

Hereís one to add to the discussion list.

Do you pick up discarded bats during the course of a half-inning or at the end of an inning?

For NFHS games, Iím unlikely to touch a bat the entire game. For USA Softball, after the equipment check at the start of a game, I wonít touch a bat for the remainder of the game. (Exception: Questions of illegal bats.)

Like any other issue, people will be on either side of the argument. ďHe picks up their bats, but he doesnít pick up our bats.Ē Whether itís true or not, perception quickly becomes reality.
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