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Changing uniform number

This happened at a USAV event this weekend and I would like to talk about it and get a handle on how it should've been resolved.

Before the match, the coach turns in the lineup which includes #14 as a regular player and #2 as the libero. When the team comes onto the court, #2 is a regular player. R2 (work team, not a trained official) checks the line-up sheets, but doesn't notice the discrepancy. Several points into the match, but before the libero ever enters the court, a time-out is granted and #2 changes her jersey to #14.

Turns out #14 had forgotten her regular jersey in the hotel room. The coach was hoping to have her play while her parents went to retrieve the correct jersey.

Obviously, we can't allow a player to change jersey numbers during a set. Beyond the obvious answer of preventing the situation in the first place by catching the incorrect number before play starts, what do we do to continue play?

1. Require #14 to continue as #2 because that's the number she started the set with. This means the libero cannot participate in the set.


2. Require #14 to continue as #2 FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH, which means the libero would have to find another jersey number;


3. Allow player to be subbed out for the rest of the first set but then start the second set with #14?

As I said, this was in a USAV tournament, but I'd be happy to hear other ruleset resolutions.
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