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How do we define observed and discovered?

If an official is watching the game is he not observing all of the players? Of course, just because you are observing 11 players does not mean you realize there is a violation.

If you "observe the excess number of players on the court during a live ball" then the question is more about whether or not you can address it if you do not realize the violation before the ball become dead.

In many of BillyMac's situations the referees have the opportunity to recognize without a doubt that there were too many players on the court as soon as play was stopped and that the extra player did participate during a live ball. The rule does not say it has to be penalized while the ball is live, only that the excess number of players on the court must be observed during a live ball.

The part the says "penalized if discovered while being violated" does not mean we can only give the T if we see them playing during a live ball. Rather, it is telling us we as officials must have direct knowledge of it being violated during a live ball - we cannot simply take the word of the scorer, an opposing coach, or the crowd.

Additionally, if there is a sixth player on the court who is able to get off the court before any of the referees observe him playing in the game (discover while being violated) then there could be no penalty. In most of BillyMac's situations we are able to discover that there were six players during a live ball by counting the players as soon as the ball becomes dead so this meets the requirement to discover while being violated.

Finally, there is also a difference between having six players on the court after a time-out ready to start the throw in and having six layers after the throw-in begins. If we recognize there are six before the throw in begins we can delay the throw in and send one of them off (which is why you should always count players) but once the throw in begins and the ball is live (even if the clock is not running) then this would be a violation.
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