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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
I suggest that you brush up on your NCAAM’s rules.
Originally Posted by tjones1 View Post
Good idea - haven't looked at them in 5+ years (no need to) and don't see that changing.
In my forty years of officiating basketball, I've worked, one, and only one NCAA game, a women's junior college game assigned by my local high school assigner.

While I don't pay real close attention to NCAA rules, I don't ignore them completely either, especially when discussed here on the Forum.

Three reasons for me to be, at least, aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences.

1) Prep school teams here in Connecticut use an odd hybrid version of NFHS/NCAA rules (shot clock, and a few other differences).

2) Being aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences can help in a debate with a confused and bewildered high school coach (and maybe a partner) that doesn't know NFHS/NCAA rule differences.

3) And finally, being aware of NFHS/NCAA rule differences increases the chances of me winning bar bets on basketball rules at my local gin joint.

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