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I do not want to get rid of the jump ball. We do it once and it is fairer to start the game IMO. We just need to get better at it which almost no one complains about anyway.

Bring in the shot clock. I am honestly tired of having this debate. Then we will see how good teams can coach. A 35-second shot clock would be great. We do not need all the college and NBA provisions for offensive rebounds. Keep it simple.

There really does not need to be a change to the bonus situation. Keep it the same. Again, different kids unless you change the time in the game and add a few minutes to the half like 18 minutes halves or 20. Otherwise, keep things the same with the bonus.

They did not ask, but I wish they would change the traveling rule. Give players the "zero step" and then steps after this. The game is changing and everyone wants offense. Or allow the spin move on some level by giving some kind of wording that allows it similar to a jump stop. I hear the NCAA is going to some kind of model like this.

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