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Nothing Happens ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
10.2.1 SITUATION A: A1 is fouled by B1 during an unsuccessful try and is awarded two free throws. Team B requests and is granted a charged 60-second time-out. Team B disregards the 15-second warning signal and the signal ending the time-out and is still huddling with their coach at the end of the charged time-out. RULING: The official shall administer the first free throw using the resumption-of-play procedure and a violation occurs if it is missed. If two B players are not in the required position when the official is ready to put the ball in play for the substitute throw, a delay of game technical foul will be assessed. If the first attempt is good, the same procedure is used for the second. (9-1-2; 10-1-5b)
Does this mean that if all the free throws (one, one and one, two, or three) are good, that "nothing" happens (other than a possible five second violation on the subsequent throwin)?
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